Breathable Roof Membrane


Breathable Membrane 1.0m x 50m x Roll available from stockDaltex RoofTX Ultra is a 3-layer low resistance vapour permeable air barrier roofing underlay for pitched roof construction. Daltex RoofTX Ultra is also certified for use in walling.Daltex RoofTX Ultra is suitable for fully supported or unsupported applications and can be utilised in conventional ventilated roof constructions. Vapour permeable Daltex RoofTX Ultra has the added advantage of being suitable for use in unventilated roofing applications, and is accredited via BBA Certificate 06/4334 and IAB Certificate 06/0237.Daltex RoofTX Ultra has a water vapour resistance of 0.18 MNs/g and therefore falls within the classification of a low resistance underlay. In warm pitched roofs and UK cold pitched roofs, and when Daltex RoofTX Ultra is installed there is no need to ventilate the roof space, providing the fabric is installed in accordance with the relevant AgrŽment Certificate, as the vapour permeability allows moisture to diffuse through the underlay. It is fully certified for use in both vented and non-vented applications.Technical DataMass (per unit area) (EN 1849-2) =112g/m2Tensile Stength (EN 12310-1) = Machine: 280 N/50mm, Cross: 155 N/50mmTear Resistance (EN 12310-1) = Machine: 130 N, Cross: 120 NWater Vapour Transmission (EN 12572) = 1100 g/m2/24 hrsResistance to Water Penetration (EN 1928) = W1Flame Retardancy (EN 13501-1) = Class D* (*When tested to EN 11925-2)