Broadfix Standard Packer BSP-120 (Pack of 120)


The ultra-economical, multi-purpose STANDARD-Packer from Broadfix

Simple, Cheap and Essential – the builderÕs buddie thatÕs perfect for any job!

Pack contains a range of sizes from 1mm – 6mm

Product Description

Also described as Glazing Packers, these are primarily used within the window industry for the support and levelling of glazed units within window frames. They are manufactured in polypropylene in 4 sizes and 6 colour coded thicknesses as shown below.


These packers can also be used in many other construction or DIY applications.

Some common uses are:-

Levelling of timber studwork


Installation of windows and door frames

Levelling of electrical cable trays and conduits

Levelling of HVAC ductwork

Kitchen cabinetry and counter tops

Hardwood and laminate flooring installation

Used as spacers for brickwork or tiling