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Brummer Green Label Exterior Woodfiller


Brummer Exterior Wood Filler is ready mixed, waterproof and can be used under most types of decorative finish including polish, lacquer, varnish and paint.

It is also impervious to sea-water and can be used for most marine applications as it will not shrink or crack and, just like wood itself, Brummer Exterior Wood Filler can be drilled and sanded. It can also be used on concrete, plaster, fibreglass and stonework.

Ideal for window frames, garden furniture, caravans, and many marine applications.


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Product Description


  • 15 wood colours – more than any other brand
  • Ready mixed, durable & versatile filler
  • Waterproof –withstands sea water
  • Fills holes and cracks in all woods
  • Drill, sand and nail – just like wood
  • Won’t shrink or crack
  • No sealing or finishing coat required
  • Can be varnished or painted over
  • Ideal for windows, garden furniture and boats
  • Sticks to nail heads, screws, ironwork and plaster

Where would I use this?

  • Garden furniture
  • Greenhouses
  • Bird tables
  • Boats
  • Caravans
  • Window frames / window boxes