Camo Narrow Board Tool Marksman Pro


Fast, Strong & Invisible

Camo is and ingenious hidden decking fastening system. It makes building wooden decking – or any similar wooden construction – easier and faster and promises professional results every time.

Camo Narrow Board Tool – Marksman Pro

Suitable for boards 80 – 123mm wide


Product Description

The way the Camo Marksman tool works is simple.

Just position the Marksman Pro on a decking board directly above a joist, squeezing the trigger handle. Release the trigger handle once in position and, aided by a dial to adjust the spacer teeth, the Marksman Pro will grip the board at either side.

The spacer teeth guarantee a given space between each decking board.

Load a Camo exterior screw fastener into each of the guide holes on each end of the Camo Marksman and, using your drill with a Camo driver bit, drill the screws into position, leaving a fastener-free finish.

It couldn’t be easier or faster