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DuraPost Repair Spur


Manufactured from 2.5mm hot-dip galvanised cold-rolled steel, the newly designed FENCEMATE repair spur is the perfect solution for ground level cracks and breaks in fence posts.  A unique metal profile ensures the repair spur is strong, easy to install and designed to prevent further damage to timber posts.

• Unique metal profile provides maximum strength.

• Slimline profile makes it easier to dig around and secure the post.

• Varied hole spacing priovides flexibility when fixing the repair spur.

• Flexes to absorb the load, preventing further damage from ocurring

Wind-tested – Withstands winds of up to 110mph

Patented & Made in the UK

Maintenance free


Price Comparable to Concrete

Incredibly light compared to concrete

We recommend installing using the Deck TQ Exterior Wood Screws 2.5″ x 8 and Postmix

1 metre in length


Product Description

DuraPost is made in the UK from galvanised steel with a wide range of contemporary colours. Patented and Registered Design Protected, it is 100% recyclable at end-of-life, giving you a sustainable choice for your fence. Unlike traditional fence posts, DuraPost won’t rot, warp or crack and is maintenance free. That’s why we’re confident to give our product up to a 25-year guarantee.

With a wide range of colours, styles and with matching accessories, you can create a truly unique, long-lasting and stylish garden with DuraPost.

Please note this product is only available for local delivery, or collection. ‘Local Delivery’ is within an approximate 80 mile radius of HP2 4ZB.

This product is not available for delivery via a courier and will not be processed if you select ‘Courier service’ as a delivery method