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Extrafix Landscape Fabric Plastic Pegs (Pack of 10)


Extrafix Landscape Fabric Plastic PegsSimply hammer through fabric. Barbed edges give extra grip.

Sizes Available 10 x 150mm Pack

Gardeners who install landscape fabric properly know it goes a long way toward minimizing maintenance. Most landscapes benefit from the use of landscape fabric. The barrier prevents sunlight from reaching weeds and keeps them from germinating while holding soil moisture in the ground and reducing surface evaporation. In the long run this saves gardeners time and money


Product Description

There is no need to use any chemicals or remove existing weeds. Just strim vegetation to ground level ensuring there are no fibrous stalks which could penetrate WEEDBAN. Simply lay the WEEDBAN and cover with a mulch. Edges are best secured by using Landscape Fabric Pegs


Holds the fabric in place especially in windy conditions