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Groundtex Heavy Duty Weed Control Fabric


Lay Groundtex Woven Geo Fabric beneath the sub-base to form a stable and level patio area.

Groundtex can be used beneath MOT Type 1 or 3 aggregate, sharp/angular stone and gravel, including areas subject to pedestrian or vehicular traffic

Ideal for pathways & patios

Available in

4.5m x 11m





Product Description

Groundtex woven geotextile is a multi-purpose woven geotextile fabric that can be used for weed suppression and ground stabilisation in both soft and hard landscaping schemes.  Groundtex is a tough woven geo fabric which successfully meets the requirements for use above ground as a heavy duty weed barrier.  Due to its excellent strength and tear resistance, Groundtex can also be used below ground as a stabilising and separating geotextile in groundwork and civil engineering applications.