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Hardwood Decking – Balau Smooth Hardwood Decking 21 x 145mm


Yellow Balau deck boards are supplied with a smooth face and bevelled edges.

Yellow Balau (pronounced Bal-Ow) is a very durable Malaysian hardwood. It is a hard, heavy and strong timber that is well suited to deck construction.

Yellow Balau has an interlocking grain and a fine and even texture. Its colour varies between yellowish-brown, brown and pale reddish-brown.

Occasional pinhole is acceptable within the grading rules of this species.

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Product Description

Smooth both sides

21 x 145mm x 4.88m

Will smooth decking be slippery?

Marketing/Advertising are powerful tools when used to promote products into the UK market. Damp and wet winters/summers meant that grooved boards would provide a non-slip surface.

The facts are that wet timber in domestic use will only be slippery if it is not cleaned once a year like patio slabs.

What you are not told is that grooved boards collect the dirt and debris, therefore preventing the water from draining away. Even with a slight slope engineered into the deck.

It is this build up that deteriorates the timber quickly and thus makes it slippery.

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