Hardwood Decking – Ipe Hardwood Decking x Various Lengths


Ipe (pronounced eepay) (Tabebuia) Also known in the commercial market as Ironwood

Ipe is native to rainforests in South Central America. Although it’s known by a number of different names, Ipe and Brazilian Walnut seem to be the most popular.

It’s trunk diameter can grow to six feet round and can grow up to 200 feet in height, which makes it one of the tallest trees in the Amazon.

Famous for its beauty, the wood appears oily and has a medium texture boasting an olive brown to black color as the heartwood, and a whitish yellow as the sapwood. Once milled, it will eventually darken to a rich medium to dark brown.

Ipe is a very strong, dense and heavy wood, being 3 times harder than Oak. It is rated very high in all the strength categories as well as stability, durability with a natural resistance to insect and decay. Ipe also carries a Class A fire rating which is same as given to steel and concrete.

Other characteristics include finely pored, elastic wood, practically faultless and free of rifts, little splintering and no warping effect.

Ipe is typically used in Naval architecture, bridge building, marine and exterior construction, decking, cabinetmaking, residential and commercial flooring, archery bows and truck bodies


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Product Description

Sizes Available

Smooth both sides
19 x 140mm

Will smooth decking be slippery?

Marketing/Advertising are powerful tools when used to promote products into the UK market. Damp and wet winters/summers meant that grooved boards would provide a non-slip surface.

The facts are that wet timber in domestic use will only be slippery if it is not cleaned once a year like patio slabs.

What you are not told is that grooved boards collect the dirt and debris, therefore preventing the water from draining away. Even with a slight slope engineered into the deck.

It is this build up that deteriorates the timber quickly and thus makes it slippery.

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