Bulk Crate Kiln Dried Hardwood Ash Logs


What is it like?
Generally considered by most, to be the best species to use as firewood.The high calorific value produces a high heat from a slow steady burn with very little smoke.Kiln dried down to average of 18% moisture content.Log length average 25cm.

How is it supplied?
1m3 pallet crates, tightly packed. approx weight 400kg
Pallet dimensions 0.80m x 1.15m x 1.05m

As a guide 1 crate will provide you with 1.65 loose cubic metres or approximately 1.75 builder’s dumpy bag.

Product Description

Kiln Dried:
The less moisture the firewood contains, the more effective it is as an efficient source of fuel. Any water in the log will prevent higher temperatures and is likely to provide only weak flames. In addition, burning logs with higher moisture content can cause a build-up of soot and tar to be deposited inside wood burners and chimney linings.

Choosing Hardwood logs provides you with a much denser fuel over softwood. This will give you a longer lasting burn at high temperatures and more radiation of heat from the embers for far longer than softwood. So although more expensive than softwood to buy, hardwood actually provides better value for money.

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