liberon extreme varnish

Liberon Extreme Varnish 2.5l Clear Gloss


Protection against severe weathering: -40¡C to +60¡C


Liberon Extreme Varnish is a highly protective polyurethane varnish with UV protection which is specially developed to protect against severe weathering (ice, snow) or prolonged exposure to sunlight.

It forms a flexible film which moves with the wood and is resistant to thermal shock. Guaranteed for 8 years it is ideal for use on gates, summer houses and doors, negating the need for annual maintenance

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Product Description


8 year guarantee . Protection against severe weathering: -40¡C to +60¡C . For use on exterior woodwork


Bare wood: brush and remove all traces of dust.

Varnished wood: sand thoroughly with fine grade sandpaper (240). If the varnish is flaking remove with Liberon Fine Wood Stripper. Rinse with water and allow to dry for 24 hours. Lightly sand and remove all traces of dust.


Stir well before use. Apply with a brush or spray, diluting the first coat with up to 10% white spirit. Allow the first coat to dry for 6 hours before applying further coats. We recommend a minimum of 3 coats. For best results gently rub with fine grade sandpaper (240) between coats.


Always test product on a spare surface or inconspicuous area for colour, compatibility and end result. Precautions . This product may darken some timbers. A wet surface will be an indication of the final colour. . Not suitable for use on oak and temperate hardwoods

Liberon advice Ideal conditions for application are between 12¡ and 25¡C when dry. We recommend rounding off the corners of timber work with sand paper to ensure an even coverage of varnish.


1 Litre = +- 12m2


Clear gloss

Pack size


Drying time

6 hours between coats, 24 hours final