liberon teak oil

Liberon Teak Oil with UV Filter


Nourishes and enhances the natural beauty of hard woods.


Liberon Teak Oil is a blend of pure tung oil and linseed oil which nourishes and enhances the natural beauty of hard/exotic woods, including teak and iroko. With added UV filters for protection against fading from sunlight Teak Oil is suitable for interior and exterior use. Achieving the traditional cabinet makers finish on hard woods, Teak Oil products a hard wearing satin finish.  Ideal for use on Garden Furniture


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Product Description


Blend of pure Tung Oil and linseed oil- Nourishes and enhances the natural beauty of hard exotic / oily woods- Added UV filters minimise fading from sunlight- Finishes and protects interior and exterior woodwork- Ideal for use on garden furniture- EN71 Approved Ð safe for toys- Usage : Interior and exterior


Ensure the wood surface is bare: remove any wax finishes with Liberon Wax and Polish Remover and any varnish finishes with Liberon Fine Wood Stripper. Clean, dry and ensure the surface is dust free.


Apply Liberon Teak Oil either by brush or using a lint-free cotton cloth. Leave the oil to penetrate for up to 15 minutes, then wipe off the excess with a clean lint-free cloth. Failure to do so will prevent penetration of future coats and leave a sticky surface.  Apply additional coats as above, the number of coats required will depend on how dry or damaged the wood is. Always leave a 24 hour interval between coats and allow the last coat to fully harden before use. We recommend a minimum of 3 coats on internal and external timbers. For best results, gently rub with Liberon Ultra Fine Steel Wool (0000) or extra fine abrasive paper between coats. Use the abrasive paper when working on outdoor furniture.


Oil finishes bring out the natural colours of timber. A wet surface will be an indication of the final colour. Always test product on a spare surface or inconspicuous area for colour, compatibility and end result.

Cleaning and maintenance

Surfaces may be cleaned using a damp cloth and spills should be wiped up immediately. For stubborn stains a mild detergent can be used. Surfaces need to be re-oiled once a year or more, depending upon usage. Oiled external timber will need regular maintenance. Apply Teak Oil once or twice a year (or as necessary) to maintain protection.


Store Liberon Teak Oil at a temperature above 5 ¡C. Always replace the lid otherwise the oil can deteriorate. Oily cloths can self combust. Do not leave impregnated cloths in bundles. Before discarding lay them flat outside to dry to avoid a fire hazard. Teak Oil is not suitable for use on external oak. Liberon Pure Tung Oil is recommended for this purpose. If the excess is not removed and the surface becomes sticky, wipe with white spirit to remove the sticky film and allow to dry before continuing.


1 L = 10-12 m2

Pack size

250ml, 500ml

Drying time

Min 24 hours