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Porch Kit – Flat Roof Porch Canopy 1600mm


Flat Roof Canopy 1600mm.

The flat roof canopy is a practical and versatile porch solution.  With fully adjustable Gallows Brackets, this canopy can be fitted to a maximum width of 1600mm to take into account door or window frame dimensions.  Manufactured from Pine, the Flat Roof canopy should be pre-treated with a suitable exterior grade preservative, preferrably prior to installation. It can then be stained or painted and finally tiled to your required finish.

The kit consists of just the timber frame shown in the picture below. It does not include roof tiles etc

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Product Description

Dimensions: Maximum width between gallows brackets = 1600mm

Projection of gallows brackets = 605mm

Overall projection including canopy = 661mm

Height of gallows brackets = 666mm

Overall height of porch kit and gallows bracket = 1124mm

Overall width of porch kit = 1736mm