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A Postsaver sleeve is a heat shrinkable thermoplastic sleeve lined with a meltable thermoplastic bituminous liner.  

Postsaver is heat applied to the sleeper to create a long-lasting air and water tight seal on the ground line section of the sleepers making conventional ground line decay impossible and unlike liquid coatings.

Postsaver maintains a barrier to the causes of decay when the timber cracks or splits.

Apply Postsaver to ALL surfaces in Ground Contact

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Product Description

20 Year Guarantee

Postsaver sleeves are independently tested and proven to perform  in high volume use over 24 years in service. We offer a 20 year, post replacement guarantee against post failure.

How does it benefit me?

Posts protected with Postsaver sleeves have an expected service life of 20 years or more saving you the time, money and hassle of having to replace rotten posts/sleepers.

Is Postsaver Expensive?

Postsaver sleeves are low in cost and highly cost effective. Saving you the cost and time of having to replace rotten posts/sleepers