What do I need for a Featheredge Fence?

What materials do I need for a featheredge fence?

For a 3m bay, based on 1.8m featheredge, you would need the following

2 x 100 x 100mm x 2.4m treated posts (as you add each bay on in a run, you will only need to add on 1 post)
2 x Postmix (1 per post)
1 x Treated 25 x 150mm x 3.0m Gravel Board
3 x Treated 75 x 75mm x 3.0m Arris Rail
6 x Arris Rail Brackets
30 x Featheredge Boards ex 22 x 125mm x 1.8m
12 x Featheredge Boards ex 22 x 150mm x 3.6m (cut to 24 x 1.8m)
40mm Galvanised Round Wire Nails

If cutting treated timber, we recommend retreating the cut ends with Ensele End Grain Preserver

Creocote can be applied once erected to give a good professional finish