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Marley SolarTile

Marley SolarTile roof panels replace standard roofing tiles or slates, giving you the benefit of both a weatherproof roof covering and electricity generating solution. They enhance design possibilities, creating sleek aesthetics and provide industry-leading wind and fire performance.

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Product Description

Complete Solar Roof System – Complete Peace of Mind

With Marley SolarTile®, the integrated solar roof system has come of age to support homeowners looking to reduce the cost of running their homes.

Marley SolarTile® alone offers market leading wind and fire resistance, and also works to generate power for the home.

Flush fit for enhanced kerb appeal

Marley SolarTile® is designed to form an integral part of the fabric of the roof.

Fixed directly onto the battens to replace a section of roof tiles or slates means a completely flush fit can be achieved, to provide a sleek, unobtrusive roof finish.

What’s more, with no space behind the panels for birds to nest, Marley SolarTile® remains a very low maintenance, high performance solar solution.

Carefully designed for quick and easy installation

Colour-coded flashing kits makes Marley SolarTile® simple and fast to install, removing the confusion and cost of added materials on the roof.

For new roofs or extensions to existing buildings, regulations require that all tiles are fixed with nails or clips. Roof integrated solar panels, like Marley SolarTile®, can be installed easily in a new roof application. The solar panels and flashings can be fitted to the roof first and then the roof covering can be fixed around them.