adj post support

Adjustable Post Support Anchor


Adjustable Post Support

Used to keep your posts out of ground contact

Can be bolted to brick walls to enable a post feature to be added without incorporating the post within the brickwork

Comes in two options, a lightweight version for posts up to 150mm, and a heavy duty version for posts up to 250mm


Product Description

Anchor 1

  • Preserves timber from ground contact
  • Vertical height adjustment by up to 45mm before fixation to the ground
  • Requires a 14mm pre-drilled hole
  • Vertical load capability of 2500Kgs
  • Suitable for 100mm-150mm square posts
  • Zinc plated

Anchor 2

  • A heavy-duty version of Post Support 1 with additional benefits.
  • Vertical height adjustment by up to 45mm
  • Can be adjusted after fixation to the ground
  • Features expanding claws which help reduce racking
  • Requires 30mm pre-drilled hole
  • Suitable for 125mm-250mm posts
  • Galvanized-plated.